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Zimmerman’s Wounds Support Self-Defense

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CBS News — Medical records showing that George Zimmerman was treated for a fractured nose and cuts to the back of his head after fatally shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin will likely bolster Zimmerman’s argument that Martin attacked him, CBS News legal analyst Jack Ford said on “CBS This Morning” Wednesday.

The records came to light Tuesday. CBS News has also confirmed they show that Zimmerman had a pair of black eyes when he was examined by a doctor Feb. 27, the day after he shot Martin in a gated Florida community. Zimmerman, who has claimed self-defense, faces a charge of second-degree murder in the shooting.

“This now allows the defense to show up in the courtroom, let George Zimmerman tell his story and bring in a medical expert that says, ‘Black and blue under the eyes, broken nose, cut on the back of the head,'” said Ford, “and the defense can argue that’s consistent with George Zimmerman being attacked by Trayvon Martin, and then the Stand Your Ground defense comes into play.”

Ford, a former prosecutor, said that the medical report’s revelations, while not good for the prosecution, don’t exactly torpedo their case.

“Here’s what you’re going to get: I’m sure the prosecution is going to say, ‘Hey, you know what this shows? This shows that Trayvon Martin was fighting for his life because he was attacked by George Zimmerman here,'” said Ford, “and the defense is going to say, ‘That’s not so at all, and we’ve got the medical testimony to show it.'”

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