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Worldwide Christian Growth

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We live in a world that is often dominated by bad news. Never has there been a time when we could get live pictures around the world and into our homes so quickly. Global warming and global recession are all things that seem beyond our control. Wars in the Middle East, terrorism at home and abroad. Where in all this evil and chaos that surround us lies the purpose of God?

While the population of the world increases year on year at a staggering rate, the growth of Christianity is also proceeding at a staggering rate year on year. With about 50,000 Christians being baptised every week in Africa alone, Christianity is and remains the most popular religion in the world. The graph shows there are over 2 Billion Christians in the world today.

Yet people who become Christians do not do it because it is popular. The gospel message has never been popular, after all look what they did to Jesus because of what he said. No the appeal of Christianity is so strong, that many are willing to suffer great hardships, because of their love for the Lord Jesus Christ. In understanding this you can see how the glory of God grows every day.


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