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Was Obama Biblically, Politically Correct to Apologize for the Quran Burning?

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A new debate is stirring on whether President Obama’s formal apology to Afghan President Hamid Karzai for the burning of Qurans by U.S. troops stationed in the country was “biblically” correct, “politically” correct or neither.

The incident in question began on Feb. 21 when Afghan workers noticed four Quran texts, along with other Islamic books in a trash pile that coalition workers collected. The books were retrieved from a library at the Parwan Detention Facility because they contained messages used by prisoners to communicate. Obama apologized for the “inadvertent” burning of the Islamic holy book.

In light of the protests that followed, more than 30 people, including four U.S. soldiers were killed. But politics aside, what does the Bible say about Christians apologizing for burning another religion’s text? The issue is challenging, even for expert theologians.

Dr. Kevin Lewis is an associate professor of Theology and Law at Biola University and holds advanced degrees in both law and divinity and answered the question in an email to The Christian Post.

“In Acts 19:17-20 first century converts to Christianity in Ephesus publicly burned scrolls related to the practice of sorcery and other types of occultism,” Lewis wrote. “Here, they publicly burned their own scrolls in a community that was steeped in the practice of sorcery to publicly declare they had repented and turned to Christ. So in this case, the scroll burning was a public way of renouncing their old, false religion.”

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