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  1. Ricky Roldan
    May 30, 2012

    Grace and Peace brother Gentry, I met you in Orlando several years ago when you and RC Sproul did a conference on eschatology at the First Baptist Church of Orlando and we spoke briefly on the identity of the Antichrist which led me to become a partial preterist at that time but of the last few years have dropped it for my more inward suspicions of Double Fulfillment….anywho, my simple question regarding suffering and persecution is, will there be persecution and suffering during the Golden Age? And do you currently affirm that there will be a final tribulation prior to Christ return? Thanks……

    • Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.
      May 30, 2012

      I am not sure what “double-fulfillment” concerns you have with preterism. I don’t see double-fulfillment as of much significance in postmillennial eschatology or preterism.

      But to your question: Preteristic postmillennialism holds that we are currently in the kingdom of Christ and that it will grow greater and greater in glory. Consequently, we are in the “golden age” (the kingdom), though we are not at the height of its advance. Thus, yes, we do experience persecution and suffering in the kingdom, for we experience it now. However, there is coming a time when it will have been reduced to negligible proportions. There is coming a day when persecution will have ceased in the world.

      Nevertheless, after a long (thousands of years?) period of righteousness, peace, and prosperity under the gospel of Christ, God will loosen Satan just before the end (Rev 20:7-9). At that time there will be period of upheaval and war. But it will be brief, and very much in contrast to the long eras preceding it. You might call that a “final tribulation” if you like. But I don’t see that the “great tribulation” passages refer to it.

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