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Today‘s Lower Class is “More Dishonest,” “Less Religious”

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Noted libertarian author Charles Murray, famous for controversial works such as “The Bell Curve” and “Losing Ground,” has released his latest book titled “Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010.”

In “Coming Apart,” Murray investigates the growing gap between America’s upper and lower classes, with a specific focus on whites (to show that neither race nor “income inequality” have anything to do with his findings), and warns that America has headed down an unhealthy road.

Murray posits that a conspicuous rift has grown between the “new upper class” and “the new lower class” and that it has gotten to the point where, culturally speaking, the two have nothing in common.

What’s even more disconcerting, according to Murray, is the fact that this rift has been growing during times of economic stagnation as well as economic prosperity.

“It’s not too dramatic to say this,” Charles Murray said during a recent interview with PBS, “we’re losing a lot of what has made America exceptional. And as we have become increasingly a class society in which a big chunk of the people on the bottom no longer behave in the ways that are essential for a self-governing free society.”

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