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Standardized Tests Undermine Education

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News-Leader —  The nation’s second-largest teachers union has taken a stand against high-stakes testing, passing a resolution at its annual convention in Detroit that says the focus on standardized tests has undermined the United States’ education system.

The American Federation of Teachers approved the resolution unanimously Saturday on the second day of its convention at Cobo Center. It said testing should be used to inform and not to impede classroom instruction.

“A lot of so-called reformers try to dictate top-down, standardized test-driven strategies that are heavy on competition and short on evidence and resources,” teachers federation President Randi Weingarten told the 2,400 delegates in her opening address.

“What does work is to rely on the professional judgment of millions of educators who have devoted their lives to educating America’s children in our public schools,” she added.

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One response to Standardized Tests Undermine Education

  1. I don’t know why standardized tests are necessary if the schools are doing their jobs. It is the responsibility of the teacher in the classroom to insure that the material being taught is understood by those in the class. The teacher is also to insure that the material is retained by the students – at least long enough to pass a weekly test, quiz, etc. If the material to be learned is not learned by the students, the teacher and the school should not allow the student to progress to the next level until they do learn the material.

    But then that would destroy a bureaucacy, but we can’t have that can we?

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