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Psychologist Encourages Gay Reparative Therapy

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Homosexual activists last week disrupted a meeting being held at Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies over legislation being proposed that would allow for the legal psychological treatment of gays.

Currently it is against the law for homosexuals who wish to change their orientation to actively seek treatment from a professional. That activity is also prohibited by the country’s Federal Council of Psychology (CFP). The CFP, unlike other psychology organizations, has the power to prevent psychologists from practicing if its rules are violated.

The law that is currently being debated is known as Legislative Decree 234/11 and is commonly referred by the liberal groups as the “gay cure” bill.

The new proposal would also enact powers that would supersede the CFP regulation that prohibits psychologists from publicly speaking negatively about homosexuality and sexual orientation.

Psychologist Marisa Lobo addressed lawmakers in defense of homosexuals who want to receive treatment for their condition and noted that the current prohibition of reparative therapy for homosexuals, imposed by the CFP: “injure the autonomy of the patient, because it prohibits treatment for homosexuals.”

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One response to Psychologist Encourages Gay Reparative Therapy

  1. This demonstrates that a two-pronged approach to homosexual behavior can and will work, with God’s grace. First, the church needs to strongly affirm that homosexuality is sinful and provide sound reasons why God so strongly condemns it. The church also needs to emphasise that it is not the unforgivable sin but can be forgiven when God brings one to salvation (not simply “decisional” salvation). Secondly, it will take more psychologists such as Marisa Lobo to speak out on behalf of those who are caught up in the evil of homosexuality who desire to leave that lifestyle. She brings up a valid point that a law prohibiting counseling those who desire to change is unfair – one could even go so far to say that it violates their civil rights. The harmful nature of homosexuality, not just to the individual, but to society at large, also needs to be documented and presented.

    As the old saying goes, “The squeeky wheel gets the grease.” We need to start squeeking loud and long!

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