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Police Ignore Constitution, Enforce Sharia

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One News Now — Christians violently assaulted by Muslims at a festival in Dearborn, Michigan, now have legal representation.

The American Freedom Law Center is representing the Christians. Attorney and co-founder Robert Muise tells OneNewsNow the group of evangelists appeared at the festival with signs pointing to John 3:16 and T-shirts displaying a message in English and Arabic.

“And as they were walking down along the city streets and public sidewalks, they were literally stoned by a violent mob of Muslim youths,” he explains. “Meanwhile, the local law enforcement did absolutely nothing. In fact, they sat on their hands and refused to enforce the criminal laws against the Muslim mob who were trying to silence, and effectively did silence, the speech of these Christians.”

When the Christian group approached the senior officer at the scene asking for protection, the attorney says they were refused.

“They were given the choice: either the Christians leave the festival or the police would arrest them because of the response by the violent mob, which is a direct violation of the Christians’ constitutional rights,” he says. “The police have a duty not to effectuate what the courts have called a ‘Hecklers Veto,’ and certainly here you would expect the police to enforce the criminal laws.”

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  1. Last week I listened to a tape of Jim Kennedy from 2002. He said they had 100 E.E. CLINICS in Russia, and a few years before , there were zero.

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