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Obama’s Options Dwindle

Postmillennialism —  4 Comments

Boston Herald — Now, what will you do, Mr. President?

The Obama campaign’s attempt to portray Mitt Romney as the villainous Bane from “The Dark Knight Rises” appears to be a big flop. And the problem for Obama is, he really doesn’t have a Plan B.

The latest New York Times / CBS poll shows the $100 million worth of attack ads against Romney’s Bain Capital tenure haven’t moved many voters. And that was before Obama insulted voters by telling them they never built a business on their own.

There’s an air of desperation in the Obama camp right now. That’s because while the race is a dead heat, Romney has an 8-point lead, according to the recent poll, when voters are asked who would do a better job fixing the economy.

The former Massachusetts governor is also showing signs of coming out of his summer campaign slumber. He actually ventured out of his North End campaign headquarters yesterday to hold an event in Roxbury for the first time since, well, ever.

Romney’s campaign has insisted all along that the Bain attack wasn’t working and it appears they may be right.

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4 responses to Obama’s Options Dwindle

  1. Romney is no better than Obama. I plan to vote for neither one of these crooks.

  2. I cound never vote for Mitt Romney who has changed his position on very major issue at least two times. He will say anything and do anything to become president. The ads he runs are full of lies, spin and half truths. Sorry, but Mitt is not the answer.

  3. I’m still holding out for Ron Paul!

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