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Messiah College Professor: ‘Obama May Be the Most Explicitly Christian President in American History’

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President Obama has consistently reiterated in interviews and speeches that he’s a Christian. But his often overt proclamations haven’t stopped critics from pointing to what they see as inexcusable inconsistencies. The president’s support for abortion rights, his infrequent church attendance and his contraceptive mandate have been only a few of the targets that detractors have pointed to when criticizing his stated faith.

Now, a Messiah College (a Christian higher educational facility) history professor has come to Obama’s defense with some bold claims in a column published on John Fea, who chairs the Grantham, Pennsylvania, college’s history department, wrote that President Barack Obama “may be the most explicitly Christian president in American history.” Considering the ongoing debate over religious freedom and the contraceptive mandate that has been foisted upon the Catholic Church, this commentary comes at an interesting time.

Fea’s argument is that Obama, despite failing to deliver on the promises he made to people of faith in 2008, may still have something to offer those individuals who embrace religion. He begins his piece by highlighting a list of Christian themes that Obama has embraced or invoked. These messages, he says, were present in the president’s controversial National Prayer Breakfast address.

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