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Lesbian Fakes Anti-gay Hate Mail

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The Christian Institute — A lesbian student in America claimed she was being targeted with anti-gay hate mail — but a secret camera revealed that she was planting the notes herself.

Alexandra Pennell, 19, has now been expelled by her University and she faces criminal charges for faking the notes and lying to the police.

She had claimed the messages of hate were being slipped into her room and scrawled on a board on the door of her dormitory room at Central Connecticut State University by an unknown bully.

Campus authorities took the matter seriously, and called in the police. Hundreds of students attended an anti-hate rally, at which Miss Pennell spoke.

Authorities set up a secret camera to catch the culprit, but it was suspiciously turned off at key moments.

A second camera was installed – without Miss Pennell’s knowledge – and this time it caught her sliding one of the notes under her own door.

She has since confessed to planting all of the notes, but pleads not guilty to fabricating evidence, lying to police and filing a false police report.

She says she planted the notes to get the attention of her roommate.

She has been expelled from her University and barred from attending any school in the Connecticut state university system for five years.

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One response to Lesbian Fakes Anti-gay Hate Mail

  1. Lesbians are very screwed up people. Sadly, many, if not most, are the product of some sort of sexual violence while they were young. At least the ones I knew when I roamed around and was friends with many gays…

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