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Iran concerned over spread of Christianity in Malaysia

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The ruling Islamic Regime of Iran is not only worried about the growth of Christianity inside the country, but is also concerned about the increase in tendency of Malays towards Christianity.  reports the IRNA news agency, which is backed by the Islamic Republic, reflected this news quoting the ‘Malaysia Insider’ news site as saying: “Jamil Khair Baharom, the minister of Islamic affairs expressed his concern over the growth of Christianity among Malays and in reaction to the growth in evangelism said, instead of passage of new rules, all efforts should be made to enforce current rules more strongly.”

Mohabat News says the law to control and restrict non-Islamic religions among Malay Muslims was adopted in 1980.

The news agency says the minister of Islamic affairs in Malaysia believes that the law lacks strength in its execution, and officers of religious affairs should exert more seriousness in executing these laws.

Religious situation in Malaysia

Mohabat News says that according to Malay laws, conversion would be considered a crime for Muslims. Malay society is multi-religious, and Islam is the state religion. According to statistics published in 2000, Muslims form 60.4 %, Buddhists 19.2%, Christians 9.1 % and Hindus 6.3% of Malaysia’s population.

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