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Idaho RU-486 Case Watched Closely

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OneNewsNow — There are odd twists in a case involving an Idaho woman who had been accused of self-aborting with RU-486.

In 2010, Jennie Linn McCormack was accused of using the drug to abort a baby late in pregnancy. The drug is supposed to only be used up to 49 days. The RU-486 was reportedly obtained via the Internet.

David Ripley of Idaho Chooses Life says those charges were dropped, but that there is more to come regarding this situation.

“An attorney stepped up to file a lawsuit on her behalf in federal court, alleging that her rights to an abortion had been violated and that Idaho’s fetal pain statute was unconstitutional because it came to bear. That law had just been passed by the 2010 legislature,” he states.

Federal Judge Lynn Winmill, who has a strong pro-abortion record, has dismissed that part of the case.

“He has, however, enjoined Idaho’s first trimester law so that at the moment we have no restrictions on first-trimester abortions in the state,” Ripley adds.

Pro-lifers are waiting for movement in the case before going back to the Idaho legislature to restore first-trimester restrictions.

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