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Great Christian Revival in Iran

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World News Digest — The author of a new book, Mideast Beast: The Scriptural Case for an Islamic Antichrist,” says there are things about Iran that few Americans, including American Christians, know.

“First, the present regime is on the verge of being toppled. The Iranian people are extremely unhappy with their leadership. There is the very real chance that the present mullocracy could fall in a very short time,” said Joel Richardson, who also has written “The Islamic AntiChrist.”

“Recent and credible intelligence reports argue that the looming fall of the Assad regime in Syria will be a devastating blow to the ayatollah’s regime,” he said.

“Second, the nation of Iran is presently experiencing the greatest Christian revival in the world. In my opinion, more American Christians need to be on their faces praying for the Iranian people rather than openly calling for war. Of course, there are no easy answers here, but among those calling for war, I see very few who are beginning in the place of prayer,” Richardson told WND.

He recently was a guest on a show broadcast via satellite into Iran hosted by Pastor Hormoz Shariat, Ph.D., who is known as “the Billy Graham of Iran.” His television show on the Shabakeh7, or Network 7, channel is so popular that Shariat is said to be the third most recognizable figure in Iran after Ayatollah Khamanei and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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