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Former Islamic Insider Offers Warning

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Last week I quoted from a book by Reza Kahlili, A Time to Betray. This week I had a chance to speak with Mr. Kahlili by phone, and ask him about the Iran crisis. As a former CIA operative who worked inside the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, he understands the strengths and weaknesses of the Islamic Republic. He knows the Islamist mindset, and the errors that plague U.S. policy.

I asked Mr. Kahlili whether he thought a preemptive strike against Iran was a good idea. “The question is complex,” he answered. “You should never have allowed Iran to become what it is today. You have missed opportunity after opportunity.”

Readers may remember that in 2009 the Islamic regime was ready to fall, with protests growing stronger by the day. This was a perfect moment to act, noted Kahlili, but the Western world did nothing to support the Iranian people against their oppressors. “Intelligence showed the [Islamic] leaders were ready to flee,” Kahlili said. “The security forces could not contain the protests. The Revolutionary Guard was demoralized. From the West, however, there was silence. You see how it was – a losing game for Iranian dissidents and backers of the West.”

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