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Christian Wins Religious Discrimination Suit against FedEx

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OneNews Now — A Chicago-area former employee of Federal Express (FedEx) has won a favorable ruling in a religious discrimination case involving a subject he wasn’t allowed to discuss with his co-workers.

Alliance Defense Fund-affiliated attorney Jason Craddock represented Eric Weathers, who ran into problems with FedEx when co-workers asked him questions about the Bible. They apparently sought him out because he has a degree in Bible and youth ministry.

“He answered one person’s questions regarding Christian issues, and he answered just based on scripture,” Craddock explains. “And apparently that person took offense and then kind of twisted it and said that he said things he didn’t say. And the result of that was, well, you can’t even answer questions anymore about your faith.”

Weathers was told to stop and to even give a false answer if an employee asked again.

“He was told by a Human Resources person that answering questions about his faith or discussing religious matters was an act ‘detrimental to the company,'” the attorney reports. “And this … list of things that fit under acts detrimental to the company included bringing weapons, drugs, sexual harassment.”

Weathers was demoted, and he believes it was because of religious discrimination and harassment. The fact that his most recent performance review shows he had “achieved expectations” and that his second most recent review reveals that he received the highest rating possible of “exceeds expectations” in seven out of seven categories backs that up.

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