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Fears of disruption as big solar storm hits the Earth

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The Earth is currently being battered by a storm of charged particles from the Sun, which could disrupt power grids, satellite navigation and plane routes.

The storm – the largest in five years – will bombard the Earth’s magnetic field throughout Thursday.

It was triggered by a pair of solar flares – the largest of their kind – earlier this week.

As a result, the Northern Lights may be visible at lower latitudes.

The effects will be most intense in polar regions, and aircraft may be advised to change their routings to avoid these areas.

In the UK, the best chance to see them will be on Thursday night, the British Geological Survey says.

The Sun’s activity rises and falls through an 11-year cycle, and has in recent months been seen to launch more of the solar flares that are causing the current storm.

The cycle is due to peak in 2013.

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