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Ex-Evangelical Lib (Frank Schaeffer)

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Frank Schaeffer (son of theologian and author Francis Schaeffer) is, perhaps, the nation’s most critical ex-evangelical commentators, as he seeks to insult, debunk and take aim at conservative Christianity on a near-daily basis. Over the past year, The Blaze has documented some of his intense rhetoric. In a blog post published Tuesday, Schaeffer lambasted the Catholic Church and “evangelical Taliban” who he sees as villains in the current debate about religious freedom here in America.

Predictably, the piece dismisses Catholic angst over the Obama administration’s contraceptive mandate and goes on to predominately target Robert George, a Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University. Schaeffer writes:

 The bishops have been led to attack the President by Republican operative/Professor/anti-abortion activist Robert George of Princeton University. He has achieved this through his close association with Charles Colson, evangelical far right leader and Watergate felon.

They laid their deliberate trap for the President by writing something called the Manhattan Declaration, an anti-Obama document (that never mentions the president by name) signed by hundreds of evangelical leaders and the Roman Catholic bishops.

Non-Evangelicals with political agendas like Robert George have cashed in on the Evangelicals’ willingness to lend their numbers and influence to one moral crusade after another, or rather I should say, to one political crusade after another masquerading as moral crusades.

Throughout the piece, the ex-evangelical critic referred to those accepting George’s Manhattan Declaration as “extremists.” Schaeffer’s attack on George, a Roman Catholic, devolved into a critique of the Catholic Church that is sure to infuriate many Christians.

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