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Doctor Questions Dutch Euthanasia Levels

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Christian Institute — Claims that the legalisation of euthanasia in Holland has not led to an increase in the number of cases have been questioned by a leading pro-life doctor.

A new study, which was published in The Lancet, found that the rates of euthanasia and assisted suicide before and after the 2002 euthanasia law were “comparable”.

But Dr Peter Saunders, of Care Not Killing, said: “A careful examination of the figures tells a very different story.”

According to the study 2.8 percent of all deaths in 2010 were the result of euthanasia or assisted suicide. This compares to the 2001 figure of 2.6 percent.

However, Dr Saunders warned that the study revealed an increase in the number of people dying after ‘continuous deep sedation’ and ‘intensified alleviation of symptoms’.

He said that it is “not at all clear how many of these two categories” had “involved the explicit intention to end life”.

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