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Death Threat for ‘Offending’ Prophet Muhammad

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Kuwaiti authorities arrested a man Tuesday for insulting the Prophet Muhammad via his Twitter account, based on a Sharia-based blasphemy law, which is highly regarded in the mostly Sunni Muslim country. The incident reportedly drew calls for the man’s death.

The unidentified man defamed the Islamic faith and slandered the Prophet Muhammad, his companions and his wife, the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry said in a statement issued on state-run news agency KUNA. It was not immediately clear what the comments were. The ministry said it regretted the abuse of social networks by “some individuals” to offend basic Islamic and spiritual values and declared zero tolerance in combating such “serious offenses.”

The man, remaining anonymous in media reports, denied the accusations. “I will never attack the Holy Prophet,” he reportedly said and suggested someone hacked his account to post the comments. The man is reportedly being interrogated while awaiting judicial proceedings.

Although imprisonment is possible, Kuwait does not usually punish blasphemy with death, as is possible in neighboring Saudi Arabia, where a journalist was accused of tweeting comments offending the prophet, which drew calls for his death.

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One response to Death Threat for ‘Offending’ Prophet Muhammad

  1. Jerry Harbuck April 3, 2012 at 6:30

    This is absolutely sickening to me to know that we as Americans are so blind to the threats of the muslim slash islamic faiths that sharia is creeping ever so closely to becoming law here where freedom is supposed to reign. What happened to the men and woman of God who would stand on God’s word and know how to move the heart of God to send forth ministering spirits and warring angels to combat the forces of darkness that are so prevalent in today’s lost world. I pray that Christ would raise up laborers to send into the harvest fields of the world so that countless souls and spirits of the lost can be saved and have their names written in the Lambs Book of Life!!!

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