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CNNMoney Caught Changing Report on ‘Green’ Jobs Numbers

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At 7:50 am Friday morning, CNNMoney reported on the embarrassingly small number of jobs the “green” energy industry has contributed to the nation’s workforce. The story was titled “‘Green’ jobs just a small portion of workforce.”

“As Kermit knows, it’s not easy being green,” the story began. “There were only 3.1 million green jobs in the U.S. in 2010.”

Translation: After receiving billions in federal subsidies ($100 billion from the stimulus program alone), “green” jobs account for only 2.4 percent of the nation’s employment.

Considering the fact that taxpayer dollars are being thrown at “green” energy projects under the guise of “stimulating the economy” and “creating jobs,” the “2.4 percent” figure is probably not the greatest. At least, that’s what the CNNMoney report seemed to indicate.

That is, until the story changed.

The Blaze noticed at about 4:30 p.m. the story’s headline and opening sentence had been changed to reflect the “green” jobs numbers in a more positive light.

A screen grab of the report as it originally appeared (via Rocket news) confirms the change. The headline has now been reworked so that it reads “‘Green’ jobs top 3 million” and the opening sentence is now the exact opposite of the sentiment conveyed in the original report.

“Kermit has more company lately,” CNNMoney reports. “There were 3.1 million green jobs in the U.S. in 2010.”

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