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Christians Praying During Ramadan

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One News Now — Ramadan, a 30-day period of fasting and praying for Muslims currently under way, is the emphasis of a ministry effort asking for a focus on persecuted Christians.

Open Doors has launched a 30-day prayer focus for persecuted Christians living in Muslim-dominated countries. Spokesperson Michelle Miller says Muslims will be praying and fasting from sunup to sunset.

“What that means for Christians is that, often if you’re living in these places, it is very difficult for them because if they choose to partake in water or food during this time, it could be a time of suffering for them — even greater than what they normally have,” the spokeswoman says.

Open Doors is calling for international prayer regarding the persecution.

“What we’re doing is … praying for Christians to be strengthened during this time, praying in particular through the Beatitudes,” says Miller. “So we’re using God’s Word to pray for them so that they will be strong — but we’re also praying that they will also be a light to those around them because … during this time Muslims are seeking God’s face.”

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One response to Christians Praying During Ramadan

  1. Prayer is all that will help. That and understanding why we are praying for Muslims in the first place. I can attest to the the fact that Islam is darkness, and darkness cannot stand the light. It is a cancer that is spreading and it is terminal. Nowadays we are seeing interfaith dialogue between many different denominations in an effort to promote harmony. But Chrislam and interfaith dialogue will not work. It is oil and water and can never survive. Islam is evil and Christianity is good and there is no in between. So let us pray that God will open the eyes of those in the darkness, both the Muslims and those who profess to be Christian but who are not. We ask that all may see the light. – “The Coming: A True Story Of Horror,” @ to learn the truth.

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