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Chinese Parents Sending their Children to Christian High Schools

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In China, when 7th-grader Lei became depressed and unresponsive, his parents wondered what had happened. He hardly spoke when they picked him up from his public boarding school on Saturdays and dropped him off again on Sundays. It took months before Lei told his parents what was wrong: His grades were slipping, even though he studied almost every waking hour and often barely slept.

Like any student falling behind in China—where grades are based solely on test scores—Lei knew that poor grades would affect his prospects for high school, college, and a future career. Disturbed, his parents began inquiring about U.S. high schools.

With only one main education track in China—a secular public school system—a growing number of parents are looking for alternatives for their children. Like Lei’s parents, some believe the stress of China’s test-driven education system is too high, and parents with only one child are able to pay for an alternative. Meanwhile, Christian parents don’t want their kids attending schools that teach God doesn’t exist.

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