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Chinese Communist Party: collapse like USSR or die like Gaddafi

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No future for much talked about “reforms” and proposed “Wukan model”: political tricks already played in the past by the Party. The advent of Western democracy has awakened the people, who no longer wish to submit to the medieval exploitation operated by Beijing. The path of true political reform is unstoppable. The analysis of the great dissident.

Recently, many scholars within the Communist system talk about two different reforms within the period between the 1989 June 4 Tiananmen crackdown and Deng Xiaoping’s southern China tour.  Before that period, there were political reforms and economic reforms in parallel; after that period, political reform has been lagging behind economic reform, which was called lame reform.

In fact, during the so-called era of dual reform, political reform also encountered a great deal of resistance.  Within only one decade, Deng Xiaoping engaged several campaigns: from the “strike hard movement” to undermine reform toward a rule of law, to the June 4 Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989.  In between, there were several efforts of “eliminating the spiritual pollution”, until two of the Secretary-Generals of the Communist Party stepped down.  Deng’s purpose had been to prevent the reform of the political system.

Now, some well-known people within the Communist system have been working on some theoretical seminars.  Their plot is really to use the already dead Deng to overpower the living devils.  Their basic tone still draws a blueprint of reform based on the bottom line of the one party dictatorship of the Communist Party.  That is why they are whitewashing for Deng.

Their experimental model seems to be the Guangdong model that has recently been touted.  Some scholars have pointed out that a major feature of this model is to bring the mass leaders into the Communist Party system, in order to adjust the mass movement into the track of the ruling clique of the Communist Party.  That plan is to nip the bud of the resistance movement, in an effort to reach a goal of maintaining stability by breaching the opposition from within.

Will this plot succeed?  I have to laugh at these Communist Party members for reaching the end of their rope and only repeat a trick taught by their ancestors: to include the rebel leaders into the Communist Party, as a way to effectively control them.  Mao Zedong and his wife Jiang Qing used this rotten trick during the Cultural Revolution period.  That trick was not very effective even back then, in fact, it was a total failure.

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