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Catholics Must Disobey Unjust Laws

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The nation’s Roman Catholic bishops called Thursday for a  national campaign in defense of religious liberty, and urged resistance  to laws that church officials consider unjust.

In  a new 12-page document that quotes the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., the  bishops said priests, laypeople, public figures and others must be  involved in the effort to change recent state and federal laws that  church leaders believe violate religious freedom.

“We  address an urgent summons to our fellow Catholics and fellow Americans  to be on guard, for religious liberty is under attack, both at home and  abroad,” the bishops wrote.

The  highest-profile clash has been over the mandate in the Obama  administration’s healthcare overhaul that most employers cover birth  control costs for workers.  The White House has offered a compromise for  church-affiliated groups such as hospitals and universities, but  bishops said the changes haven’t gone far enough.

Critics  within and outside the church have accused the bishops of pressing the  issue to remove President Barack Obama from office.  But the bishops  wrote, “this ought not to be a partisan issue.”

“The  Constitution is not for Democrats or Republicans or independents. It is  for all of us, and a great nonpartisan effort should be led by our  elected representatives to ensure that it remains so,” the bishops  wrote.

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