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Calif. Considers Allowing Multiple Parents for Children

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Christian Post — California is aiming to become the first state to allow a child to legally have more than two parents, after Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, proposed a bill that would eliminate the two-parents-per-child requirement.

According to Leno, surrogate births and same-sex parenthood have created a new environment that has paved the way for nontraditional households, and the traditional two-parent family system is not the only one that can serve the community, Yahoo News  reported.

“The bill brings California into the 21st century, recognizing that there are more than ‘Ozzie and Harriet’ families today,” Leno shared in an interview.

The bill, which was sponsored by the University of San Diego School of Law’s Children’s Advocacy Institute and the National Center for Lesbian Rights, has already advanced through the State Senate but now needs an Assembly vote.

The issue that apparently motivated the senator to propose the bill was a 2011 court case involving a girl placed in foster care after her two married mothers could not take care of her – her biological mother was jailed, while her non-biological mother was hospitalized. Because of the state’s two-parent law, her biological father was denied permission to take legal custody of her.

“We are not touching the definition of a parent under the current law,” said Leno. “When a judge recognizes that a child is likely to find his or her way into foster care and if there is an existing parent who qualifies as a legal parent, why not have the law when it is required to protect the well-being of the child?”

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