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Are Secular Childrens’ TV Shows with Moral Messages Good?

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They’re Damaging  by Phil Vischer (creator of VeggieTales)

Over the last 30 years, children’s television has gotten a tremendous amount of attention. What are the programs teaching? Nonviolence? Gender and race sensitivity? Great strides have been made since the days most kids’ shows were either afterthoughts, or worse, half-hour commercials underwritten by toy manufacturers.

Today, most new kids’ shows are created with advice from Ivy League educators and consultants. Every episode of key shows like Sesame Street, Blue’s Clues, and Dora the Explorer is tested with kids to ensure they meet educational objectives.

But for all the educational strides being made and all the pro-social “vitamins” cleverly inserted into our kids’ media diets, there is one ingredient sorely missing. There is no God on Sesame Street. No clue will ever point Blue toward his Creator. No matter how far Dora explores, she will never bump into the divine. The world of children’s media, to put it bluntly, is as atheistic as a Richard Dawkins book club. And that missing ingredient will cripple our children if we let it.

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One response to Are Secular Childrens’ TV Shows with Moral Messages Good?

  1. Too bad Veggietales is not on channel 9 anymore. They edited out nearly all references to God.

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